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Don't let the occasionally snarky and sarcastic tone of this website mislead you. I love Scooby Doo. The show debuted a few scant weeks before I was born, and we basically grew up together. And though we parted ways along about the time Scrappy Doo appeared, I have never lost my love for Scooby Doo, Where Are You? This website is intended to celebrate those two seasons.

The site is still under construction, and I intend to update it regularly using material culled from the recently released boxed set. Certain design and layout elements might also evolve. But I currently have no plans to address The New Scooby-Doo Movies or any of the iterations that followed it.

Rumors that this website is itself haunted are greatly exaggerated.

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Thanks go to Brian Cruz, Eileen Delgadillo, and Colin Feder for giving me the space to host this site at Toon Zone. And it's only right to thank Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros. for producing the series in the first place and for recently releasing it on DVD. This site would not have been possible without the Seasons One and Two boxed set. Go buy a copy.

About the Webmaster

Jay Allman is an administrator and news editor at Toon Zone. He is also the webmaster of The Animated Batman: An Unofficial Guide. You can contact him as soon as he figures out a way of inserting an email address that won't be hoovered up by spambots.