Index of Monsters

Museum curators. International shipping tycoons. Rural types not possessed of all of their teeth. What drove each of these to dip a bolt of old canvas in some phosphorus paint and take to spooking up the neighborhood?

Don't let the bare facts outlined below mislead you. The miscreants of Scooby Doo, Where Are You? are a varied lot who share at least one thing: a love of performance. Whether searching for hidden treasure or trying to scare off the locals in order to hide their smuggling operation, all of the bad guys described below must—and I mean must—have spent a lot of time making the disguises, honing their moans and otherworldly cackles, and admiring their costumed alter egos in the mirror. They can only hope the local prison has an amateur theatrical program.

The facts below are a matter of public record. The dreams, the insecurities, and the yearning for respect that went into the masquerades can only be conjectured. A round of applause, please, for these, the true master thespians of Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Roll cursor over images to see the artist, coming soon to Inside the Actor's Studio. And because you know you have to hear them say it, here is the Meddling Kids Medley.

What: The Black Knight
Where: County museum
Who: Mr. Wickles
Why: Used legend of Black Knight to cover up his kidnapping of Prof. Hyde White
What: The Phantom
Where: Vasquez Castle
Who: Bluestone the Great
Why: Wanted to scare people away while he searched for the Vasquez treasure
What: Captain Cutler's Ghost
Where: Rocky Point Beach
Who: Captain Cutler
Why: Was stealing yachts from marina for resale
What: The Miner Fortyniner
Where: Gold City
Who: Hank
Why: Was trying to scare off employer so he could buy land cheap for the oil underneath
What: Ghost Witchdoctor
Where: Ancient Indian village
Who: Buck Masters
Why: Was kidnapping competitors' dogs so he could win the dog show.