Index of Monsters

What: Ghost of Elias Kingston
Where: Kingston-Weatherby estates
Who: Uncle Stuart
Why: Was trying to swindle his family out of the Weatherby fortune
What: The Ape Man of Forbidden Mountain
Where: Film set
Who: Carl the Stuntman
Why: Wanted to ruin picture because he didn't get the lead part
What: Charlie the Robot
Where: Funland
Who: Mr. Jenkins
Why: Built Charlie to run the carnival, but the robot went haywire after Jenkins's sister interfered
What: The Phantom of the Puppet Theater
Where: Pietro's Puppet Theater
Who: Mr. Pietro
Why: Was scaring people away from his counterfeiting operation
What: The Ghost Clown
Where: Circus
Who: Harry the Hypnotist
Why: Was revenging himself on the circus that had sent him to jail for theft.