Case History: Inside a fog-shrouded Chinese temple, a sinister figure sends his two skull-faced emissaries to retrieve the golden mask of Zen Tuo. Meanwhile, in the city below, the Mysteries Inc. gang watches a Chinese parade and visits a curio shop, where Daphne buys a golden mask. After they leave, they are menaced on the streets by the two zombies but escape after Scooby lays down a screen with a steam press from a Chinese laundry. The gang visits a Chinese art authority, who tells them that the mask was stolen from the crypt of Zen Tuo, a Chinese warlord whose ghost has returned to seek it.

After leaving the art dealer, the gang is followed by the zombies, who are driving a black sedan. The chase ends at a fishing dock, where the zombies snatch Daphne and mask. There is no trail for the gang to follow, but the kidnappers do leave behind a scrap of paper with the address "The Temple in the Hills" printed on it. Freddy, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby decide to visit the reputedly haunted temple to search for Daphne.

Inside the temple, Freddy and Velma find Daphne tied up a secret room, but the trapdoor slams behind them when they go in to rescue her. Shaggy and Scooby, meanwhile, run into Zen Tuo (who is now wearing the mask taken from Daphne) but are unable to bluff him into retreating. Fleeing from Zen Tuo, the two run into the zombies and escape by pretending to be Chinese waiters. But they run into a gong and are captured by Zen Tuo, who locks them in a storeroom with a pile of fireworks. They manage to put the fuse out and, after breaking out of the storeroom, trip the lever that frees the other members of the gang.

Daphne takes the others to a pigeon coop she spotted when taken into the temple: it contains carrier pigeons being used to ferry mysterious messages with dates and times on them. Freddy builds a trap (involving a Chinese gong, some roman candles, and Shaggy's train set) that manages to catch Zen Tuo and the zombies. Zen Tuo is unmasked as Mr. Fong, the art dealer and the leader of an international smuggling ring. Information on dates and times would enter the country hidden inside golden masks, then be sent to other gang members by carrier pigeon. (The mask Daphne bought had been sent to the wrong address by mistake.) The ghost setup was used to scare people away from the temple, which was the center of their operation.

Crowd members
Curio Dealer
Mr. Fong


Disguises: Hideously stereotyped Chinese waiters
Food: none
Scooby Snacks: One
Song: "I Can Make You Happy"
Exclamations: "Zoiks!" (3)
Villain's official statement: none
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Unsolved Mysteries:

  • Does Scooby have a stunt double?
  • The smugglers have to use golden masks and carrier pigeons to communicate with each other?! How expensive is the telephone?

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